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In My Head

by Gurr

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John Evelyn
John Evelyn thumbnail
John Evelyn Perfect balance between chill and danceable - jangly indie pop perfection. Almost reminds me of Life Without Buildings. Favorite track: Moby Dick.
Aeoluspotamus thumbnail
Aeoluspotamus I've only known these guy's music for however long it takes to play the album twice but I have already decided that if I miss them when they play Bristol i'll cut off my ears (yeah, both)
future Sam: yeah, they were super great, bought all the merch Favorite track: Walnuss.
Darth-Sidious thumbnail
Darth-Sidious Awesome band that I discover this morning. Make me remember my 1980's Punk rock bands that I was listening at that time, but with a better sound indeed Lol :)
Long live girls ! You're awesome ! Favorite track: Breathless.
rdad thumbnail
rdad new order kiss the cure kiss the slits kiss the gurr Favorite track: Breathless.
Ciaà thumbnail
Ciaà WHoooo-Hooooooo...... I LOve This!!!
I`m Going to playlist Computer Girl In Okt And Moby Dick i Nov.
Wiiiiiiiiii.....This is the best I have heard in a wile!!
Hugs Ciaà <3
Music Editor at RadiOrakel
( Oslo Norway) Favorite track: Computer Love.
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released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Gurr Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Breathless
Running out of breath in the night
do you like me now I guessed so yes I’m alright
Lost and lonely like a one time lover
I’m wearing tights cuz tonight I’ll only stay for a night, I’ll only stay for a night

Give me those big false eyes of wonder
Sticky kisses, a big jacket which we can hide under
kissing you feels like 1984
And we laugh and we fall we crash bottles on the floor and I need to get more
bottles down to the floor

Boston, New York, Chicago
And your name I didn’t know
I still wear your leather coat
and I’m running out of breath
and I’m running out of breath
Track Name: #1985
He’s always left to go alone, the last one to go home
He’s always left to go alone, the last one to go home

The beer got stale but there’s a gaze form a young pretty witty face
that girl July she locks her eyes, gonna take her home tonight

Underage drinking, fucking around, I had to turn thirty before I could be so cool
She drops out of school
First I was miserable in this bar, now they call me Carlos I’m a superstar, so cool
I’m a fool

Underage drinking fucking around
Is my video ready yet, is is?
Track Name: Moby Dick
I watch the mess nicely unfold
I can’t grasp the darkness out in the sea
We should mourn the stories untold
Instead I ask myself if I’ve been bold

I don’t dive I’m just tiptoeing through the night
I don’t dive I’m ok as long as I’m alright

Moby Dick isn’t white anymore
plenty of colors are stranded at the shore
El Capitano where’s your command
Command+SHIFT+4 won’t solve this one you know

I don’t dive I’m just tiptoeing through the night
I don’t dive I’m ok as long as I’m alright
Track Name: Walnuss
Schaue durch die blickdichten Fenster
Verhängnisfallen wärst du hier wärst du längst da

Wir nehmen teil an der Belanglosigkeit

Schau mal weg ich zieh mich aus
bevor du’s weißt hab ich mich ausgetauscht

Wir nehmen teil an der Belanglosigkeit

Beleidigungen sind locker besetzt
wir schneiden gut an sind dennoch verletzt

Aus der Luft, gegriffen gefangen
Empfangsbestätigungen kommen nicht an

So schön, aus Versehen
Track Name: Yosemite
You sit on a plane next to me, three years later you are dead
we had a mutual friend, whom we dearly loved until the end

Your dog is all alone at your house
Your dog is all alone at your house
in Yosemite
Track Name: Free
Free during the night time baby cuz other people’s dreams is what I eat
I’m coming for you

Going to the beach when I’m all alone my friends call me up I just got home
I wear a bra that’s pretty loose you go up to me and grab my boob hey
Track Name: Klartraum
In my head, I feel so bad, because I didn’t go to bed
- Don’t be a baby, you might feel bad now, but we just wanna dance, is that a crime?
Track Name: Rollerskate
Super duper blasting rollerskate
8pm I’m hanging out with my mates
We’re a gang, we’re the greasers, there’s a riot we bump into the cheetas

It scares me when Johnny’s right next to my (hey baby)
they have stolen our strategy
we push to get faster
but now here’s the disaster

do you hear the sound, when I hit the ground?
As bad as with a bad, smash into your face strike…

As evil as can be I say, as evil as can be I say
on the roller-skate roller-skate roller-skate roller-skate
Track Name: Diamonds
My baby’s mad I never never never cry up
My baby’s mad I never never never cry up
I don’t want to, yeah don’t want to
never never never cry up…

Diamond rings on your bed
false fur coat on my chest
In my head I never cry up - In my head I never cry up
Feelings bold no regrets

don’t trust the snake
Track Name: Computer Love
300 crimes, only admit to one
they’ve been charging me slowly
police they don’t know me
my kids are on the run

objection your honor, relevance? sustained
I’ve never worn cologne before
I do not know MS Paint
my kids are on the run

Bazillion megahearts, her space is running low
storing all the memories of you and me from the get go
my kids are on the run

I’m floating the world wide web
I’m Sparrow she’s my boat
Electrosmog’s my alcohol
my kids are on the run

Computer Love

National Intelligence banging on the door,
should destroy the evidence my love is growing more
I can’t leave my ladyboard we’ve never been apart
will I ever see her again?
No visiting hours.
It breaks my heart
Track Name: Song for Mildred
Blue dirt night, palm trees hanging low
sunset drive cramped up for show
they’d see her fall, three women in heat
violent screams drown in painted steam

parts of her keep your colors alive
now that Mildred’s gone, they all feel alike
dust meltdown at Malibu Beach
I’m counting sand, it stopped making sense

drink it up and then
take a shot at when, at when you were young
before you were gone
and then
play it again